About Us

AKC Breeder of Merit

Fontanosa Farm is nestled on the foothills of Middle Ridge, east of Lebanon Oregon.  Clean air, alpine like pastures, Douglas fir forest and pure unadulterated water on 35.5 acres is home to our beef ranching, timber and Font A Nose Bulldogs.  We have raised our son Joel, who is a Navy Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom; daughter Jenna, our “perfect child”; and Kenny Dee the last one left at home and our cerebral college student who wants to be a pharmacist on the farm.  In September of 2005, Joel Sr.’s 50th birthday present was something he had always wanted.  His wish was granted and Gracie came into our lives.  This bulldog became his fishing companion and is still the best pet a family could adopt.

We wanted more than a typical pet bulldog and the question was raised-do we want to show bulldogs?  Brenda had equestrian experience through 4-H as a youngster and with the impending, emptying of the nest; having spent close to 30 years dedicating our lives and making sacrifices to raising family—we wanted something to bring us back to  “us”—something we could do together for the rest of our lives and share new horizons.

In 2007 we purchased a no-name dog from a Texas breeder named Anne Janway.  Joel had done all the research on the bulldog standard and pedigrees.  Into our lives came Ace, so named because of his unique marking much like the ace of spades.  We found this beautiful boy online and had aspirations that he would be our foundation male; hence Font A Noses Aces Full of Kings.  His pedigree was outstanding and he fit our budget at that time.

Ace was an excitable Wildman as a youngster and too difficult to handle for new show people.  We quit show class; but, one day before he was 18 months old, Brenda told Joel, “If we’re going to show him it’s now or never.”  Excitable or not, he started winning.   With the help of Jay Serion winning Aces’ first major, Brenda finished Ace in July 2010, with a Best of Breed over specials and a group 2.  In 2008 Windee came into our lives as we were in search of a foundation Bitch.   Windee is derived from Win, which she has done and Dee, Joel’s cousin, who he loves dearly from infancy.  Hence, Font A Noses Hurricane Windes of Change.  Look for her to finish in 2011 as she needs only one major.  Then Posh and Bo.  This show thing has become devouring and infectious.  2011 will be our first entry into the Bred By class. Our long term goal is to be part of the Bulldog Hall of Fame.

We feel blessed and lucky to have adopted good bullies.  Font A Nose Bulldogs hopes to share this good fortune and welcomes you into our circle.  For now, Joel is the best bucket bitch/groomer and in two short years Brenda is a Champion handler.  Feel free to call us if you have questions.  We are here to spread the wealth of knowledge we have gained in a short time from our mentors about bulldogs.  To those friends and mentors a heartfelt thank you.  This is our passion and love, beyond all time; expect to see us and all our bulldogs on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Font A Nose Bulldogs is about the wonderful slobbery kiss you get from a breed that loves man and depends on us for its existence.

Font A Nose:  A nose print on your cheek!