We believe this pup or dog to be in good health and sound at the time of sale.  Your puppy has been immunized with up to date medical inoculations.  A shot record will be included.

For your guarantee to become effective, all buyers must have their pup /dog examined within 48 hours after receiving their puppy or dog.  This can only be done by a certified licensed veterinarian.  Failure to do so voids the Health Guarantee.  If the veterinarian finds that said pup or dog not to be in good general health as outlined in the guarantee and states so, in writing detailing the findings including clinic address, phone numbers and license numbers, buyers must notify the seller immediately within 72 hours of pup or dog purchase.  If the diagnosis is confirmed by our veterinarian, Font A Nose Bulldogs will resume the possession of pup or dog.  Credit will be given towards another pup or dog of our choosing; we do not give refunds or pay your vet bills.  All our puppies are veterinarian checked by a certified licensed vet prionr to being sent to their  new homes if they are transported by plane.  We will send with your puppy a "Health Record" with information detailing the medical treatment your puppy has received since he/she has been born, with dewormers, medicines and inoculations that have been given to him/her.

We do guarantee your puppy to be free from any significant serious life-threatening (heart murmurs & cancer) for up to six months after birth to the original purchaser of said puppy.  If any such condition is found and proven in writing from a licensed veterinarian and substantiated by lab test and or x-rays, confirmed by my veterinarian, puppy must then be returned to us for credit towards another puppy.  The puppy in question will have to be returned, in tact, within a reasonable time. We do not cover any eye issues.  I will not take responsibility for your vet bills, yearly shots, wormer, food, toys or boarding for your pup or dog. Entrophia is not covered in this guarantee.  If a pup prematurely dies we require two independent necropsies with vet reports.  We will not pay for these and reserve the right to have our vet perform a necropsy.  Replacement pup or dog will need to be agreed upon by me to be of the same comparable bloodline and price range.  NOTE:  Minor, breed related, treatable or correctable conditions, any condition that may go away or a condition which pup will likely out grow are not covered. Buyer is responsible for all vet bills incurred with said pup or dog along with transportation cost for its delivery and return.  This pup or dog must be sent back within 72 hours after alerting us of a problem.  Any physical problem that could be the result of an injury or stress is not comvered under our guarantee.  We do not guarantee that your pup or dog will be alble to breed.  We sell all pups and dogs with full breeding rights only if the dog is going to be shown.

Although a concentrated effort is made by the seller to breed sound, healthy pups and dogs according to AKC standards, buyers should understand that due to the nature of this breed, bulldogs are predisposed to certain medical anomalies and that a normal bulldog may have one or two conditions during its lifetime.  We urge  you to research the breed and be familiar with all the health issues that could affect your bulldog before entering this or any agreement to purchase a bulldog.  Also it is very important to have a vet that is knowledgeable about the bulldog breed to use as your vet.



By purchasing or sending a deposit for a pup or dog from " Font A Nose Bulldogs" you are agreeing to the terms of this contract.

Deposits and puppies on hold:

1.  We ask for a $500, non-refundable, deposit per puppy.  There is absolutely no refund on deposits for any reason.  Deposits are partial payments toward the purchase  price of your puppoy or dog that you have placed on HOLD (this keeps anyone else from getting this puppy or dog).  If you put money on a puppy and afterwards change your mind, you have completely forfeited your deposit.  The remaining balance of the full amount is due within 72 hours ubnless other arrangemants have been argreed on.

2.  Puppies or dogs can only be picked up when weaned and paid in full.

3.  We accept Western Union, Money Grams, Pay Pal and USPO money orders or cash.

4.  Puppies sold at a reduced rate as PET puppies will not have papers with them; nor, will you receive any without paying the full amount of the puppy or dog that was listed for from the start.  If you provide documentation from a certified veterinarian that you have spayed or neutered your dog we will provide an AKC limited registration application.  They were sold as PETS, not dogs for breeding.

5.  Puppies can only be picked up when weaned and paid in full.

6.  Puppies are normally ready to leave for their new homes between 8 to 10 weeks.  As a puppy they need lots of attention and affection.  Your puppy has thrived in a living humane environment with its mother and the show and pet dogs we have.  We expect you to exercise the same responsibility and stewardship over this baby.  Pups and dogs play in our yard and pasttures----they are given opportunity to socialize and live normal lives-outside of crates, in our home and in safe designated dog areas.  They sometimes play rough and get scratches and bumps and get dirty like normal dogs.  Buyers agree that the seller is not to be held liable for any acts of a puppy or dog after being paid for and is awaiting shipment.

7. Owner is responsible for all shipping arrangements. We will ship puppies if and when the weather permits.  I will be responsible for putting pups or dogs[ on the flight, cabin only, no cargo flights. Once the airline has your puppy, "Font A Nose Bulldogs" is no longer responsible.  This means the ownership of the puppy passes to you when the puppy is shipped or leaves the care of Font A Nose Bulldogs.  If there is a problem with shippiiing, it is the buyers respomsobility to resolve the issue.All shipping expenses are paid by the buyer.